So you enjoy using your smart phone for placing bets online, but find the process of constantly having to open a web browser, surf to a website, and manually navigate that website, a bit of a hassle. Don’t worry; many online New Zealand based online bookmakers now offer free sports bettings apps for your mobile device. In order to use such a device all you need to do is download it, let it install, and open it via the icon. The sports betting apps allow quick access online New Zealand bookmakers; with super streamlined interfaces that greatly reduce the average time spend placing a bet.

If you were thinking you need the latest model smart phone to use these bettings apps, rest assured that they will work on virtually any smart phone under the sun. All you need to do is ensure you install the correct version of the app for your operating system, and it should work without any problems. Importantly, the Android version of the app is required for Android devices, and the Apple version for Apple devices. Installing the wrong version will result in error messages.

How Bettings Apps Work

Once the desired bettings apps are on your device, you can access it by tapping the icon. It will request your login details, which are required before you may proceed. If you do not already have a validated account at the website, you will likely be able to create one directly via the app itself. Information such as your name, New Zealand residential address, email address, and telephone number will be required. You may have to validate the account by receiving an email at the provided address. Be sure to provide correct details when making an account, as problems may arise later.

Once you have entered your login details installed bettings apps will open. The latest and most popular sports matches will be displayed, with available odds. In order to place a bet, simply tap on the desired odds and indicate the amount you would like put down. A virtual betting ticket will be issued to confirm the bet. You can access any bettings apps again, at any time, by tapping the icon. Be sure to keep your login details safe and secret.

Removing Or Updating Bettings Apps

If you decide at any time that you would like to remove installed apps, for any reasons, do so via the application manager of your device. Keep in mind that you will only be able to access the online bookie via a web browser until the app is installed again to be able to place your  bets.

Many apps need to be updated at regular intervals. If you attempt to open top internet based betting sites, and it says that an update is required, simply visit the application store, or website, where you downloaded the app the first time. Modern apps update automatically, without any input required from you. Simply select to install the app again and the update will be performed. All your details and information should have been saved, and so will not be needed to login again.