Attempting to approximate the size of the eSports betting site market is not possible, as there is very little in the way of dependable or demonstrable data, but, given how totally betting and sports combine in terms of a social activity, there is very little reason to doubt that its size is quite substantial.

When finding a reputable eSports betting site becomes the task of a bettor or prospective bettor, there are a number of questions the gambler should ask of him- or herself before beginning the wagering process. These include:

  1. Is the eSports betting site a trustworthy one?
  2. Are the prices for their eSports wagers good ones?
  3. What kind of promotional offers do they make available?
  4. What kinds of bets are available to place on various eSports games and matches?

Ensuring That an eSports Betting Site is Dependable

Figuring out whether or not eSports betting websites are the ones that can be trusted comes down to it passing a number of simple tests.

The first of these is whether or not it is a regulated eSports betting site: what jurisdiction does the license it holds fall under? This information is generally provided in the website’s footer, and if punters are not familiar with the jurisdiction this portion of the site alludes to, he or she should be sure to make themselves more so. A cursory Google search will generally suffice, revealing any issues that sites regulated under problematic jurisdictions may have encountered.

The second test can be described as social proof that an eSports betting site is reliable: what are players reporting about the site in question on the various social media and review sites available to them? Punters will generally be able to immediately spot sites that are less than credible just by making themselves familiar with other bettors’ experiences.

The third test is that of experience: punters are advised to start with small wagers at an eSports site that has managed to pass the first two tests applied to them, and should make a small deposit and place the minimum bet possible. Should the punter have any questions, or need help in resolving any kind of problem, contacting the support team in charge of the site will quickly illustrate how dependable they are, and allow the bettor to very quickly gauge the sincerity of the response. Negative experiences can be chalked up to school fees spent on a learning curve, and the bettor will not suffer any serious losses by simply taking his or her business elsewhere if these guidelines are followed.

Answering the Remaining Questions and Laying Bets

The questions which remain to be answered by the punter in search of a good eSports betting site are easy to resolve, and the information necessary to determine them can be acquired by simply browsing the data which the site in question provides. Bettors should spend as long as they need to on this part of the eSports betting experience –the more thoroughly this initial work is accomplished, the more likely it becomes that the interaction will be a positive one, no matter what the outcome of the actual wagers laid may be.