New Ways to Increase your Play on Blackjack

Amaya Software offers a lot of variations on the classic idea of Blackjack: at their heart is the basic game itself. You are dealt two cards, with which you either stick, or take more, the aim being to make a total of 21, without going over that figure. Variations on this can include the number of cards in play at any one time, the rules governing the value of Aces, the agreed Dealer strategies, number of fellow players, or the possible permutations on winning.

Amaya games have a sophisticated feel to them, and seek to replicate the experience of being in an actual casino, with green baize backgrounds, chip slots, even cup holders in the tables, and smooth dealing action.

Side Bets and Values

It is worth finding out the odds of each side bet in an online Blackjack Canada game before entering into it, especially as these vary depending on the number of decks in the shoe. The first type of side bet in Amaya Blackjack is that of the Mega Match: depending on the first two cards, there is a payout potential of 5000 to one, without affecting your table bet, and irrespective of whether the hand wins. If the first two cards are of a suit, you win double the original bet. Kings and Queens of the same suit, a Mega Match, pay out at 50 to 1, with the maximum payout happening if the dealer should also draw a Mega Match.

Next is what Amaya calls the Blackjack Attack, which guarantees a payout of 18 to 1 on any Blackjack hand dealt, regardless of whether this is a Push, or it is beaten by the dealer. Essentially, this is buying insurance on the same outcome of the game itself, but with a better payoff.

The Cash Queens bet does the same thing, essentially buying insurance on a hand of 20, in case this is beaten. With this bet, 20s pay out at 2 to 1, while suited 20s pay at 5 to 1. Pairs of Kings, Jacks or 10s pay out at 20 to 1, and a pair of Queens pays out at 50 to 1, rising to a fabulous 500 to 1 if the dealer should draw a Blackjack.

The Crazy 7s side bet pays out 5 to 1 if the first card drawn is a 7, rising in value for each subsequent 7: this still allows you to split your hand if the first two cards are 7s, while still claiming 25 to 1 or 150 to 1 winnings for unsuited and suited pairs respectively. Suited triple 7s will earn you a 2000 to 1 win.

Finally, there is the simple Pair Play option, where any pair dealt on the first hand will pay out odds of 12 to 1. This option also allows you to split hands, and still collect on this.

A Bit on the Side

Amaya’s classy looking Side Bet Blackjack is a great way to increase the value of your potential hand, but it is also a great way of multiplying expenditure. It is worth checking the odds on this game, and deciding on the risk and reward level that you seek.