With the backdrop of a late sunset over the Great Pyramids that leaves them silhouetted stunningly against an orange and yellow sky, Lady of Egypt slot machine began her life as a land-based casino slots game. Proving to be so popular, the online version came out much later and is still subject to many restrictions as a result of this.

As can be surmised from the name, Lady of Egypt slots game has Ancient Egypt as its theme. A natural attraction for many games and books, the strong icons and images of this time in our history lend themselves to slot machines. Williams Interactive have made this game a stand-out version within the thematic sector by adding some remarkable innovation in game design.

Innovation by Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive, or WMS Gaming as they are also known, pride themselves for tying many different and unique reel and game play options. The layout in Lady of Egypt slot is theoretically 9 reels, plus an additional jackpot frame with 3 reels, 9 pay lines and stacked jackpot that could fill the entire frame. As winnings are accumulated, the additional reel progressively moves from left to right across the reels, with the symbols on the additional reel affecting winning combinations differently as it does so.

If a win is achieved on the first three reels, the frame moves on to cover reels 3, 4 and 5. The first 3 reels remain with the win, while reels 4 and 5 spin. When they stop, should another win be formed, the win has a 2x multiplier applied, and the frame moves up to reels 5, 6 and 7. Should any wins occur, they will be multiplied 3x and the frame progresses to the last 3 reels with the lure of a 5x multiplier awaiting.

The High Paying Base Game

The Lady of Egypt slot has several high value symbols in the base game. A winged Cat, Anubis, and Cleopatra all win large jackpot prizes alone when appearing on the pay lines. A full row of Cleopatra symbols wins the jackpot of 6000 coins.

The jackpot reel in Lady of Egypt slot game contains game symbols of its own. There are different coin amounts, and the word Jackpot as well as multiple blank spaces. This means that even were a player to achieve 4 successive wins, they would still require some extraordinary luck to win more on the jackpot reel. The options, however, are that the player wins nothing extra, between 1000 and 2500 cons, or the progressive jackpot.

Getting to the Jackpot

Four such successive wins cause the Jackpot reels to spin, providing the opportunity to win the overall jackpot and even the progressive jackpot. All winnings from all nine reels are accumulated. The progression ends with any spin that ends without a win in the frame.

Lady of Egypt slot machine uses the standard playing card symbols as the lower value symbols, and has the Ankh, the Crossed Flail and Reaping Hook, and the Crowned Serpent as the primary bonus symbols in the game. These three symbols become stacked in the moving frame, and become one full size symbol, which reaps some significant rewards.