Safari Online Slot at Casino Sites

When it comes to online slot games, no theme is too much. Indeed, some of the themes to emerge over the past few years have been rather questionable, while so many others of them have formed the basis to games that have become so loved by millions of players all over the world. Endorphina, an online casino slot game developer, has had its fair share of creating games based on themes of almost every kind. However, one thing that has always been true of this developer is that they certainly aim to create games and themes that players aren’t likely to soon forget. One such game is Safari slot, which features a number of the African continent’s most beloved creatures. For more information on this game, see below.

What are the Graphics Like?

One of the most important aspects of any themed game is its graphics. This is because they are they very first thing that players lay their eyes on, making it the ideal vehicle with which to convey the game’s overall theme. One thing in particular that must be noted when it comes to Safari slot is the fact that very careful attention has been paid to every detail of the game and its graphics. The backdrop is golden in colour, and adorning the reels, players can expect to see the likes of some of Africa’s most renowned creatures, including elephants, lions and buffaloes. Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack also perfectly complements the graphics, leaving players to feel as though they are, in fact, on safari.

Safari Endorphina Slot

How is the Game Set up?

When it comes to the setup and structure of most online slot games, it is almost as though there is a set formula for how each game should be built. One would think that Endorphina followed this formula when creating Safari slot game, as it is simple in structure and has just four reels. However, this kind of simplicity is perhaps what has made games like this one as popular as they are today. By not over-complicating anything, players will never run the risk of ever feeling overwhelmed by the game that’s on the screen in front them, so they are likely to quickly be able to adapt and play the game as best they can and at the fast pace that is required of anyone playing an online slot game.

Are There any Free Spins?

When spinning the reels, players need to be on the look out for the symbol of the African continent. This symbol not only adds to the overall atmosphere of the game, but also serves as the game’s scatter symbol. The scatter symbol has the power to grant players with a few free spins. If players manage to spin a scatter symbol on Safari slot’s first, second or third reels, they will be awarded with 10 free spins. In other words, they will be given 10 free opportunities to increase their overall winnings.

All in all, like online bingo Sweden, Safari slot has a well-rounded, well-designed experience to offer to players of every level.