Playing Transformers Cybertron Slot

Transformers Cybertron is a rather unique slot by IGT. It is based on the TV series and series of movies of the same name. This slot is incredibly intricate, with a story line as well as mystery special features nd movie style graphics. The slot has the usual five reels and forty paylines with a wager range from 0.01 up to 3. This makes the maximum bet 180. Transformers Cybertron is a low to medium volatility slot, but it may be a bit more than beginners to the slot world can handle. It has a lot of unique features that may become confusing and result in a rather quick emptying of your bank account.

Transformers Cybertron Movie Theme

For those that either did not grow up in the 90’s, or did not watch the series of movies by Michael Bay, the Transformers are a race of robots. These robots are divided into two groups, one good and one evil. Their planet Cybertron died so they ended up on earth in an epic battle for our planet. Transformers Cybertron is all theme based, from all of the symbols down to the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The symbols animate, as do the reels themselves. The reels do not spin but instead the symbols fall into place form the top of the screen. They can also mechanically disappear, leaving space open for new symbols and new combinations.

The bottom paying symbols in Transformers Cybertron are the two robot badges; these will pay out 100 coins for five. Next up we have Bumblebee and Soundwave both worth 300 coins for five of them in a row. Optimus Prime and Megatron are the near the top with 800 coins for five each, and the games logo is the highest paying at 4000 coins for five.

Movie Style Graphics

IGT have really gone to town with the graphics in Transformers Cybertron. It stands up to the TV series as well as the rather famous series of movies by Michael Bay. The detail behind is reels is an intricately designed post apocalyptic world, presumably Cybertron where the Transformers hail from. The game has a dark edgy feel to it, designed to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time that you are playing. This is not a happy cheerful slot, but it is an absorbing one.

Mystery Features

Transformers Cybertron is full of what they call Mystery Features. The first feature isn’t very much of a mystery, being a pretty normal wild symbol. This is a purple cube and can replace any other symbol in the game except for the bonus icon.

The actual mystery features themselves are triggered at random. During this feature one of a number of robots will appear on the screen and wreak havoc, all in your favour of course. Optimus Prime will destroy all the decepticon icons on the screen. Megatron will destroy all the Autobot symbols, and Grimlock and Shockwave will burn away a random set of symbols. This all leaves space for new wins.

Sometimes a robot called Ratchet will show up and give you a third bonus feature, triggering the free spins.

Free Spins

The free spins in Transformers Cybertron have a little catch attached to them. Three bonus symbols will launch the game and allow you to choose a transformer, each one having a different set of free spins and multipliers. This enables you to either play it safe or take a risk, depending on your choice.