In the great blend of cultures that have come to call the USA their home, the constant influence of Mexico has expanded from its origins in the South-Western states, to become part of the mainstream across the republic.

Mexican Americans now make up a significant portion of the USA’s population, and joyful traditions like the birthday piñata have crossed into mainstream culture, embraced by Americans of all backgrounds, whether they share Mexican ancestry or not. NetEnt, as a world leading online casino-games developer, prides itself in being able to cater to all the whims and fancies of America’s slots fans. The Spiñata Grande title adds traditional Mexican jollification to the variety they offer in the slots market.

Five Reels with Special Features

The Spiñata Grande icons are highly colored and cartoonish, most of them piñatas in various shapes. The game plays on five reels, each displaying four icons, but special features like Colossal Symbols and Colossal Wilds can cover several reels at once.

As is standard with many playing blackjack in a real online casino, prizes are awarded for three matches or better in unbroken succession from Reel 1 on a single payline. The 40 paylines are fixed, meaning it is compulsory for players to bet on all 40 for every spin, but the number and value of the coins bet on each payline can be adjusted. Total bets per spin thus start at 0.40 coins, and can grow as high as 400 coins.

Colossal Symbols and Colossal Wilds Score Big

Colossal Symbols can occur at random, filling a 2X2 or a 3X3 grid on the reels, thus making four or nine touching positions identical, with a concurrent increase in the odds of getting winning paylines. During free spin bonus rounds, the Colossal Wild symbol can also appear, and as it can act as any icon except the Spiñata Grande Bonus symbol, Colossal Wilds can trigger a heap of paylines at once.

Triggering Free Games in Two Steps

A Colossal Bonus icon triggers Spiñata Grande’s Mini-Slot Feature, which consists of a bonus free spin on a different set of game reels. Colored Star icons can appear in this phase, which in turn trigger a further set of free spins, in which the Mini-Slot Feature can be triggered again. The Colossal Wild available in this mini-game, along with repeating free spins, are where Spiñata Grande’s juiciest rewards lie.

A Look at the Symbols

Spiñata Grande uses the standard five Poker symbols as low-winning characters, with four piñatas making up the rest of the regular icons: a Fish, a Parrot, a Donkey and a Bull, all amusingly exaggerated. Five Bulls win 300 coins. The wild icon is another piñata; this one a Skull from Day of the Dead celebrations.

The Bonus icon, which in its colossal form triggers Spiñata Grande’s Mini-Slot Feature and the possibility of more free spins, is a fruit machine wearing a mustache and sombrero. There is an autoplay function, which allows players to set up multiple spins at one click, making it less tedious to play Spiñata Grande for long enough to start hitting the higher prizes.