Online fruit machines are games of chance and are modelled on their land-based counterparts. Various combinations of the symbols featured will form across paylines and award players with different prizes, most usually in a multiplier format, and the amount of this payout is dependent on the specific symbol combination which triggered the win. Play is still as easy as it was when the games initially came out, but the wins are far more substantial these days.

The History of Online Fruit Machines

Online fruit machines are not the same thing as slot machines, but the former does have the latter to thank for its existence. Charles Fey is the famous inventor of the first slot machine, and this gentleman also deserves some credit for the fruit machine. He began the craze that spread so quickly to the United Kingdom and the rest of the globe in the form of the very first fruit machine.

The 1900s had the slot machine as one of the most popular pastimes of its day. The game’s design was very simple, and the symbol range very limited, but the novelty of winning various items in this manner was new and players flocked to venues which provided it. The icons used in these games were pictures of fruit; bars of gold and brightly-coloured number sevens.

Fruit Machines Launch at Online Casinos

Thanks to the ease with the list of top Canadian casino online game can now be accessed, online fruit machines have once again risen to their proper place at the top of the list of most popular real-money games available for play. As soon as they became available in this manner their ability to draw a crowd was once again confirmed, and, with more and more players flocking to them each and every day, their rise does not seem likely to end any time soon.

The variety in type and title of online fruit machines has to be seen to be believed, and online casinos will usually have an incredible array on hand for the many players who prefer them. They can gift players with massive multiplier jackpots and feature a host of extra features that ensures that play is always interesting and enjoyable, no matter what the actual outcome of the game may be.

Britain’s Love Affair with Fruit Machines

Online fruit machines are just as popular as their real-world counterparts, and enjoy a special place in the hearts of players from the United Kingdom thanks to the fact that they were made available in local pubs; amusement arcades and other social settings from the 1960s onwards. Thanks to how easy they are to play they were the first choice for many players, both those with some experience with gambling and those new to the fun and excitement this hobby provides, and the machines were very often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people wishing to try their luck.

Although online fruit machines can provide lucky players with some very significant wins these days, initially no cash at all was on offer. The prize for a player lining the various symbols up in a winning combination could be anything from cigarettes to liquid refreshments.