When it comes to casino resorts, some brands have become well loved over the past few decades. Harrah’s is one such brand. With a number of resorts located all across the United States, there is something to be said about the quick rate at which these resorts expanded, as well as the fact that players keep returning to them time and time again. Harrah’s Cherokee, for one, has undergone quite an interesting transformation since it first opened its doors in November of 1997. Below, you will find a little bit more detail on this, as well as what can be expected from this resort today.

A Humble Beginning

Harrah’s Cherokee is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, but is operated by Caesars Entertainment. However, when it initially opened, the casino offered little more than video poker. This is because there was a bit of a disagreement when it came to building a casino in the first place. A tribal bingo parlour had opened in the early 1990s in the area, and it was remarkably popular. Over time, it became apparent that the area could do with a casino. However, the State of North Carolina and the Eastern Cherokees did not agree on this matter.

The governor at the time did not want the casino to move forward, but after the federal courts ruled against him, he had no choice but to enter into discussions with the tribal leaders. Now, several years later, Harrah’s Cherokee resort has grown significantly, with a vast array of real money blackjack games on offer. Furthermore, since the resort has been in operation, the funds generated from it have been used to build public housing, a hospital and a school, as well as to improve and upgrade public safety services such as emergency response.

The Hotel

Harrah’s Cherokee resort is the largest hotel in North Carolina. It consists of three towers, namely the Soco Tower, the Mountain Tower and the Creek Tower. Together, the number of rooms in these towers totals an impressive 1108 rooms. The hotel’s other amenities include the likes of an event centre with a capacity of 3000, a 15 000 square foot conference centre, a games arcade, a gym, a food court and a pool.

Interestingly, Harrah’s Cherokee is the first and only establishment in the City of Cherokee where alcohol can be purchased. The Cherokee tribal leaders had to approve the sale of alcohol in the area before the resort could open a bar. Alcohol is allowed to be served between the hours of 7am and 2am, and the very first drink ever sold in Cherokee happened at 5pm on 29 December 2009.

All in all, Harrah’s Cherokee has quite an interesting story attached to it. While players can of course spend hours enjoying all of the games the casino has to offer, this resort symbolises quite a bit more than just a space in which people can gamble, as Harrah’s has been the cause of plenty of firsts in North Carolina over the years.