The online casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit packages offered by many internet gambling sites  is just one of the reasons players in the Philippines find gaming online or at mobile casino sites so exciting. This is a feature land-based casinos do not offer, so it adds an extra perk to online play. Producing better, more enticing sign-up bonuses is also one of the ways online operations compete with each other in a boldly contested market.

Basically, a casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offer does exactly what it says on the box. When a player registers at a new online site for the first time, the casino rewards them with a certain amount of free play. These can be in the form of free spins on slots or roulette, or an amount of free cash added to the player’s account, with which they can bet on a variety of games.

A Massive Selection of Games to Play

There are dozens of Philippine-friendly online casinos, and most of them try to make all the games available in their land-based casinos equally available to desktop and mobile players. So whether they prefer slots, classic gambling games like roulette, card and other table games, or even bingo, craps or keno, players from the Philippines can find them quickly and conveniently like UK gamblers discover at online casino gambling sites. If they look out for casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit rewards, they even get to play their favourite games for free initially.

Deposit-Matching Bonuses are Slightly Different

The deposit-matching bonus is another feature offered by many casinos online, but it has one significant difference to the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offer. Again, this difference is explained in the name itself: a deposit-matching bonus requires the player to make an initial deposit in their playing account. The casino then gives them an amount that matches a percentage of their deposit to play with; rewards of up to 100 percent are common, and some establishments will even match a player’s deposit by 200 or even 300 percent.

It isn’t quite as attractive as the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit strategy, but since those will often come with terms and conditions that require a player to make some sort of deposit before they are allowed to withdraw any winnings, what a Philippine player loses on the swings, they gain on the roundabout. In other words, both types of casino bonus rewards lower the player’s personal risk, while giving them extended chances to win.

Other Incentives to Online Gambling

The chance to win big, and the rewards of the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offers, are just two of the incentives that attract so many players in the Philippines to online casinos. The republic’s terrain is also a factor: with more than 7,600 islands scattered over a huge area, not all Filipinos find it convenient to travel to Manila to enjoy a few gaming thrills, and that’s where all of the Philippines’ land-based casinos are located.

Add to this convenience the fact that casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit packages mean that a player can always try out a new casino for free, if they have used up all the bonuses on offer with casinos they are already registered at, and the attraction is even easier to understand. When an old site palls, there will always be a new and exciting one to discover.