There are plenty of slots out there with a Middle Eastern theme, catering to our tastes for the exotic and the mysterious: from the bedtime tales of Scheherazade to the adventures of Sinbad, with a talking carpet thrown in here and there for good measure, we are sated on the tales of old Arabia, right up until TE Lawrence really begins roaming the region. With their well acquired reputation for putting a spin on traditional themes, however, Endorphina Games has updated this idea, to bring a slot that takes the modern economic powerhouse that is the United Arab Emirates as its theme, with the potential to share some of the riches of the region with the savvy punter.

Symbols in the Sands

The basic, low value symbols of this slot are rendered in gold, all playing out on a midnight blue background that speaks of opulence: at the lower reaches we find the coffee pot, the jewelled dagger and the hookah pipe, followed in value by the luxury 4×4, so vital for unwinding in the wilder reaches of the country. Higher than this still in value are the portraits of the modern Prince and Princess, in traditional garb, each promising the same payouts depending on the frequency of their appearance (note how any social commentary is not being made by making this couple equal in value, which makes up in logic what it lacks in authenticity).

Finally, the highest ranking symbol is that of the Dubai skyline, with its magnificent skyscrapers, symbols of the burgeoning wealth of the region, while the scatter symbol takes the form of the Palm Islands, a man-made structure that has sculpted nature itself into a luxurious pleasure resort.

Paylines and Bonuses

The Emirate may seem a little mean as it offers only 5 pay lines compared to the machined offers, but with all bets maximised, these can be very lucrative indeed: the lowest symbols can potentially pay out 20 000 credits, while aligning 5 of the skylines on a single spin can give players 500 000 coins, making this a memorable visit. There is also a customisable Auto Play feature, which can be tailored to your gaming style, allowing several games to be played simultaneously.

What lets this slot down is that it does not offer much for the player seeking something more: with no free spins to trigger, and no bonus modes to unlock, what you see is what you get, which may be the greatest departure from the theme, in a nation known for its inscrutability and mystery. There is a Gamble feature, which many Endorphina games carry as a nod to past conventions, and allow you to wager any winnings on a further spin, but otherwise the mysteries of the desert kingdom are largely encapsulated by the idea of winning as much as possible on the initial spin, and wagering well. Wins, when they do come, are potentially big, but this is a slot that rewards patience and a high initial investment. Almost like the oil business, apparently!