Casino Lisboa, Macau

For any casino enthusiast, going on vacation means having the opportunity to explore new and interesting land-based casinos. As opposed to online casinos, land based casino complexes offer a completely unique experience that is influenced by the culture and country of origin. For anyone visiting Macau, the Casino Lisboa, Macau is certainly worth a visit. The three story high casino was originally built back in the 1970’s and is accompanied by a 12 story high round hotel tower. The casino complex was built by Stanley Ho, Teddy Yip, Yip Hon and Henry Fok. The hotel was eventually renovated with more rooms added to make a total of 2632 rooms.

Table Games, Slots and Card Games

The Casino Lisboa, Macau houses one of the most popular and unique casinos in Macau. The casino itself differs from western casinos and focuses mainly on table games. In relation to the size of the casino, the slot section may seem a bit small to international visitors. The casino includes a total of around 100 slot machines including modern video slots, classic slots and fruit slots. The main focus of the casino is on table and card games. Players can choose from any number of live table and card games including blackjack, baccarat, Pai Gow poker, Mini-Baccarat, Sic bo, three card baccarat, fish prawn crab and Fan Tan. The games found at the casino range from high limit games to low limit games and cater for all types of players.

The Lisboa Hotel

Aside from the casino itself, the Casino Lisboa, Macau is famous for its towering hotel. The Lisboa Hotel is well known by locals and attracts visitors from all over the country as well as international tourists. The hotel itself comprises of an impressive 2632 rooms situated over 12 floors. The hotel rooms available include a superior room, a deluxe room and a royal suite. The room décor is a lavish blend of Portuguese and Chinese styles that come together in a unique and beautiful way. The hotel also includes a shopping arcade where visitors can shop till all ours of the night.

14 Top-class Restaurants

The Casino Lisboa, Macau complex houses an assortment of restaurants and eateries. The complex proudly boasts that it is the only complex in the world with four Michelin-starred restaurants under one roof. With 14 restaurants in total including French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese cuisine, visitors will certainly be able to find something to their taste and their budget. Wine aficionados will be happy to know that the complex houses an extensive wine collection with over 16,200 labels.

The Lisboa Salon and Spa

In addition to the casino and the hotel, the Casino Lisboa, Macau complex also houses a fully functional luxury spa and salon. The salon offers visitors a wide range of hair styling services including professional haircuts, hair treatments and nail treatments. The Lisboa spa is a tranquil and relaxing place where quests can unwind and indulge in a number of unique local and international spa treatments. Guests can book spa treatments for individuals as well as couples treatments directly from the hotel reception when checking in or at any time during their stay.