Online casino game players who have recently returned from, or who have always longed for a trip in order to explore the Far East will particularly enjoy the real money action the Red Mansions online video slots game is able to present, as this offering from IGT combines the mysteries of that part of the world with the opportunity to put some significant wins in their pockets. This slots game offers players 1 024 ways to win; five reels; a wild symbol and a free spins feature for players’ convenience.

Theme for Red Mansions Slots

The first thing that most players notice about a game is the overall presentation thereof, and IGT has outdone itself in this regard. The theme for Red Mansions is a highlight of the genre, and the music; game interface and carefully selected East Asian character symbols will whisk the player right into the middle of that part of the world.

There are 40 lines for players to make use of in the Red Mansions online video slots game from IGT, and players are able to set the coin values for each of the wagers for these. In addition to these 40 paylines, there are 1 024 ways to win, and with a coin value range of between one and 300, this puts the maximum bet amount at a noteworthy 16 000.

Symbols for Red Mansions Slots

This online slots game is based on a book called A Dream of Red Mansions, and is an autobiographical tale that deals with the author’s life during the Qing Dynasty. The symbols for the Red Mansions online slots game take several of the characters from the book, including the three leads: Jia Baoyu; Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu, between whom a love-triangle is wreaking terrible damage. Other symbols for the game are a crimson manor, in reference to the name, which also stands in as the wild. The Lin Daiyu character symbol is the highest paying icon for the game.

The bonus icon for Red Mansions online slots is the scatter, and the game also makes use of the ace; king; queen; jack; ten and nine playing card symbols, all of which have the same payouts. The wild symbol is only able to appear on the second; third; fourth and fifth reels.

This game offers very entertaining, very easy to understand play and can be played at any casino that offers IGT games.

Players are able to play fun games in Canada and bet on just one line or all 40 if they wish to, but the Multiway XTra feature is only active when all lines have been enabled. Coin values can be set at one; two; three; five; ten; 20; 30; 50; 100; 200 or 300, as per the player’s preference, and a cap of ten lines will come into play if the maximum 300 credits are bet per line. Should a player wish to wager on each of the paylines for the game the maximum coin limit is 30.