Review on The North Avenue Irregulars

The North Avenue Irregulars is a comedy crime released on the 9th of February, 1979.

The plot revolves around the antics a minister and a group of church ladies get up to after a band of criminals move into their town and set up a gambling racket different to what you see at the Spin Casino NZ. The film was produced by Walt Disney Productions, and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution Company, and was based on the original work of Albert Fay Hill. Although known as The North Avenue Irregulars in the United States, the firm was released as Hill’s Angels in the United Kingdom.

Cast and Crew in The North Avenue Irregulars

Actor Edward Herrman portrayed the minister, Michael Hill. Alongside him, the group of church ladies was made up of Barbara Harris, Susan Clark, and Karen Valentine. The two FBI Agents are played by Michael Constantine, and Steve Franken, with Alan Hale Jr as one of the main antagonists.

The North Avenue Irregulars was adapted and written by Don Tait, produced by Ron Miller, and directed by Bruce Bilson.

The North Avenue Irregulars Plot

The film starts of with reverend Michael Hill and his family arriving in a new town where he is to be the new minister at the North Avenue Presbyterian Church. He soon realises that the church’s funds are sinking at a fast rate, and decides to try and implement some new changes to try get the town involved in the church. The church secretary, Anne, is suspicious of the new minister and his planned changes, but the minister is confident, and seeks help from Mrs. Rafferty to assist him with the church’s decreasing finances.

During his first sermon, Hill learns from Mrs Rafferty that her husband used the remainder of the church’s money to bet on a horse race, after which the minister demands to meet the bookie that made the deal. Upon meeting the bookie, Hill calls the police, but they are unable to help as the wager has been successfully removed from all records. Hill then uses the local television station to openly wage war against the criminals in the town, much to the disappoint of his superiors, who chastise him for his actions. Soon after, two FBI Agents arrive in town, looking to topple the local gambling scene, planning to recruit locals to help them. Although most of the people decline the offer, all the ladies of the church decide to help Hill and the FBI with their plan.

While enacting their plan, the criminals decide to bomb the church, and the secretary Anne decides to resign. Although initially wanting to give in, the group decide to carry on with their war against the gambling racket, and through some luck and coincidence, Anne manages to track one of the criminals back to their base of operations. Soon after, as the criminals are attempting to escape, the police arrive and seize all the evidence, while arresting all those involved in the racket. The next Sunday, after the town has learnt of what happened, it’s declared that the church will be rebuilt, and the film ends with everyone rejoicing.

Verdict of The North Avenue Irregulars

While not the most popular film to be released by Disney, The North Avenue Irregulars still provides many laughs for both adults and children alike.